Welcome Prof. M. Shahidul Islam from University Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia to be committee member!

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Prof. M. Shahidul Islam, University Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia (click)

Research Area:

Operations Research in Engineering  in Achieving Economic and Environmental Sustainability  

Research Experience:

Waste to Resources [WtR] and Waste Energy [WtE] are the research field and passion of professor Shahidul Islam for contributing to achieve economic and environmental sustainability. Methane capturing from industrial waste biomass for energy production; and pure water production from industrial wastewater are main stream of research that he involved since 1986. Professor Shahidul Islam has produced a significant papers and books from his research outputs.

Professor M. Shahidul Islam is working at Faculty of Engineering University Malaysia Sarawak. He is also an Honorary Research Director at Institute of Engineers of Bangladesh; an Honorary Research Professor at American International University Bangladesh. and as the founder Chairman at TFE Global Research and Innovation Center. He is delicately involved in operations research in engineering with aiming to contribute in achieving economic and environmental sustainability.

He graduated in Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc 1986), Industrial and Production Engineering (M. Engineering 1988) from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and PhD in Manufacturing Engineering from Dublin City University, Ireland. To develop his professional proficiency and to familiar with the latest technology in industrial engineering domain, Professor Shahidul Islam has attended in more than 100 workshops and training.

The professional career path of Shahidul Islam is industrial and manufacturing engineering. Prof. Shahidul Islam involved in teaching, research and consultancy relating to designing machinery manufacturing for the water treatment industry. He provides the directions to optimize plant machinery operations and maintenance on the basis of industrial operations research. He is specialized in industrial environmental engineering relating to resource recovery from waste including potable water production wastewater by using [WtR] model; and energy generation from waste biomass by using [WtE] model.

The engineering career has started in1986 soon after his graduation in Mechanical Engineering. During this period, the major outputs of his career are the successful completion of 10 industrial projects, 28 industrial consultancy works, and 12 technical studies on the manufacturing process to find out the process inefficiency and to provide required solutions. The major industrial stakeholders rendered engineering services from Shahidul Islam include Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Sarawak Hidro Power Plant (2400 MW), Bangladesh Combined Cycle Power plant (90 MW), SK&F pharmaceuticals, Youth Group of Industries, Techno- Food. Prof Shahidul Islam has produced fifteen graduates (M.Sc and PhD), a significant number of final year projects, two books, and a book chapter. His contributions to Engineering have published in 78 referred Journals. He presented 11 keynotes as invited guest.

Professor. Shahidul Islam has received several recognitions for his contributions to the field of engineering. These recognitions include: Gold Metals in 2010 (Malaysia), 2014 (Malaysia), 2015(Germany) and 2017(Malaysia); Blockbuster Translational Researcher in Malaysia in 2017; Best research paper writing in 2014; Excellent academic performance in 2015; Excellent research performance in 2016; Commercialization of research products in 2016 and 2017.

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