For the publication on conference proceedings:


 Items  注册费(人民币) Registration fee (By US Dollar) 
Regular Registration(4-6 pages)2800 RMB/篇450 USD/per paper
Additional Paper(4-6 pages)2600 RMB/篇430 USD/ per paper
Extra Pages (Begin at Page 7)300 RMB/页(超页费)50 USD/ per extra page
Attendees without Papers1200 RMB/人230 USD / per person
Attendees without Papers (Groups)1000 RMB/团队参会3人以上

200 USD / per person

(≥ 3  persons)

Purchase Extra Journal(加购论文集)500 RMB/本75 USD/book

Details of the Registration Fees 

1. Registration fees for AMIMA 2019 Regular is RMB 2800 (USD 450) per paper(4-6 Pages).

2. If the length of the paper exceeds 6 Pages, the cost of Each Extra Page(begin at Page 7) is RMB 300  (USD 50) .

3.  Registration fees include conference proceedings, lunches, gifts and attending all technical sessions.

4. The registration fee does not include:

   • Accommodation

   • Visa application fee

   • Transportation fee

5. At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register.

6. Completed registrations will be acknowledged by the Organizing Committee within 2-5 workdays after receiving your payment.

7. If you cannot attend the conference due to some reasons, we will mail the proceedings and invoice to you.

 Registration Instructions | 注册说明 

Dear participants and guests of the AMIMA 2019,

Here you can find information regarding how to finish the registration to participate this conference, include:


When to register? | 什么时候注册

1,Listeners, please download the Listener Form on the "Venue" Page of  this conference website,  fill the form and send it back to We will send you a registration form.

关于仅参会缴费,请在“会议地点”页面下载参会回执表,填写后发送到会议邮箱: 。我们将在收到表格后给您发送会议注册表格。

2,Full Paper, submitted and accepted full paper will be published into the conference proceeding, the author can choose oral  presentation, register after you receive the acceptance letter. Making oral presentation should fill the Listener Form and send it to


How to pay? | | 怎样付款

Bank Transfer | 银行/ 网银/支付宝转帐
Please send mail to to get the account | 请发邮件到会议邮箱获取账号信息

The official Receipt of your payment | 官方发票

After the successful registration, we will issue the official receipt of your payment, you will receive the receipt together with all conference materials at the conference site. 

Any questions, please contact us:

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